Ilinvur was a mining settlement north of the Moonsea and east of The Ride.[1][2]


In the mid-1300s DR, Ilinvur comprised about 6000 residents and was governed by a mage installed jointly by Melvaunt and Thentia and assisted by twenty heavily armed Keepers of the Peace. In the event of a major orc, flind, or ogre attack, the leader could report to Melvaunt and Thentia via crystal ball.[1]

In the spring of the Year of Deep Water Drifting, 1480 DR, the town and the surrounding country underwent waves of attacks from elementals originating out of the Tortured Lands; many sought refuge by fleeing east to Avang or south towards Phlan[3]

Afterwards, the settlement was comprised of only 250 residents—mostly human, with several dozen dwarves and a family of gnomes. The village then existed under the protection of Phlan and was governed by a diarchy, with one leader responsible for defense and the other for administration. The settlement had no formal military present, but could raise a militia from among the community in time of need.[2]


Metal mined in Ilinvur was smelted into bars and loaded onto caravans of rothé-pulled sledges for transport elsewhere, usually to be traded for food.[1]


As of 1480 DR, an establishment called The Pick was the village's only inn and served also as its sole tavern. No temples existed within the settlement, but shrines could be found dedicated to Bane, Gond, Tempus, and Selûne.[2]



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