Iljrene Ahbruyn was a drow priestess of Eilistraee and friend of Qilué Veladorn.[3]


Iljrene was described as a "tiny, kitten-soft doll of a priestess".[4]


Iljrene was a priestess of Eilistraee in the Promenade of the Dark Maiden in Skullport. She was also the sub-commander of the Protectors of the Song, the temple guards.[3]


In 1361 DR, Qiluè agreed to help Liriel Baenre against the Vhaeraun-worshiping Dragon's Hoard, sending her warriors, including Iljrene, to attack their headquarters.[5]

By 1375 DR, Iljrene was one of the sub-commanders of the Protectors of the Song and held the rank of Hand of the Protectors.[2] She defended the temple of the Promenade against Dhairn's attack, who led the clerics of Selvetarm. She fought valiantly, but she fell to Dhairn's blade, which transformed her into a mass of spiders and absorved it into his weapon. Without a physical body left, she was prevented from being resurrected.[6]


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