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The Illistine Dynasty ruled over the city-state of Westgate from the Year of the Cat's Eye, 429 DR, until Year of the Ensorceled Kings, 616 DR. The Illistine reign began when Mulsantir Illistine drove the last pirate king out of Westgate and claimed the throne for himself, becoming King Mulsantir I. The Illistine family only held the throne for two generations before a period of violent upheaval when their line was replaced by others who seized the throne by force.[1]


King Mulsantir I
Reigned 429 DR440 DR. Mercenary of Chondathan descent who deposed the last pirate king.
King Mulsantir II
Reigned 440 DR452 DR. Firstborn son of Mulsantir I.
King Myntharan "the Magus"
Reigned 452 DR480 DR. Renegade wizard of the Shoon Imperium who slew Mulsantir II and claimed the throne.
King Lyonarth "the Winter Sphinx"
Reigned 480 DR616 DR. An androsphinx who defeated Myntharan in battle and seized the throne.