The Illithid Body Tamer was a special prestige class of the illithids that focused on martial skill over psionic prowess.

Illithid Body Tamers followed a discipline called the "Tamer Creed" which said that only a potent military force would ensure Illithid society's future existence. They maintained that only by abstaining from psionics will they strengthen their considerably frail bodies sufficiently enough to become accomplished fighters.


Code of Mental Abstinence
By training the body for combat and forgoing the use of their psionic abilities, Illithid Body Tamers could actually improve the fortitude of their bodies. Needless to say, such a payoff was valuable for a race of admittedly physically weak individuals.
Strength of Arms
An Illithid Body Tamer could use both its tentacles and its weapon to make a devastating attack against its opponent.
Death Whirlwind
An Illithid Body Tamer could psionically power a whirlwind attack, which could potentially kill its opponent instantly.


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