An illusionist was a wizard specializing in illusion magic are one of the most well-known wizard variants, valued as entertainers in the world. Many illusionists are flamboyant and outgoing, with a streak of hedonism. More creative than most other wizards or even other arcane spellcasters, illusionists as a rule enjoy art of all forms and are less interested in scholarly research and more so in a hands-on approach through experimentation.

However, illusionists are not merely clowns and can be deadly adversaries when they choose to be. Illusionists use their power to play tricks on their enemies and toy with them, casting illusive images or sounds that confuse and befuddle the mind of a foe, turning their own senses into a weapon against them. Illusion spells created false images and other sensory tricks. Illusionists could make ghostly sounds to distract opponents, conjure illusory beasts, or create a wall that did not actually exist.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Illusionists wrote their spells in a secret language called Ruathlek.[6]

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