The Illuski language group was a linguistic group that included the languages of the Northmen. Illuski languages were spoken in Ruathym and Luskan and from the islands as far north as the Uttersea south to the Moonshae Isles and Mintarn.[1]


Illuski languages included the following:[2]


Like the majority of other Faerûnian languages, modern Illuski languages made use of the Thorass alphabet,[3] although Old Illuskan had its own script.[4]



The Illuski language group is based on real-life Nordic languages such as Old Norse, Danish, and Norwegian.[2]


  1. The "Speaking in Tongues" article in Dragon Annual #4 includes a dead language called "Truskan" in its list of four Illuski languages, but nothing else is noted about it. Races of Faerûn, however, goes into some detail about the dead parent language of Illuskan, called Old Illuskan. It is possible that Old Illuskan and Truskan are the same. In any case, Old Illuskan was certainly an Illuski language.


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