Illydrael (pronounced: /ɪlɛˈdrʊlil-eh-DRAY-ul[3]), also called the Broken Blade,[4] was an elven bastard sword that was considered to be a holy relic of Tempus. It was wielded by a champion of Tempus during the Second Dragonspear War and used against the pit fiend Baazka.[1]


The sword did not give off an aura that could be detected by magical means.[3]


After it was shattered, the hilt and handle of Illydrael remained in the heart of the Hold of Battle Lions altar within Dragonspear Castle.[1] For years it powered the wards that kept the portal beneath the castle sealed,[2][3] and had to be placed within the altar when the seal's rejuvenating rituals were performed.[5]

When the handle was removed from the altar by a follower of Tempus, a blade of white flame erupted from the hilt. It exuded radiance and was extremely effected when used against devils.[4]


During the Second Dragonspear war, in the Year of the Wyvern, 1363 DR, a champion of Tempus plunged Illydrael directly into the heart of the fiendish general Baazka.[1] While the blade was lodged in his heart, causing him to grow paranoid and vengeful in the Nine Hells, the hilt remained on Toril. It was placed within a white marble altar, in the Hold of Battle Lions of Dragonspear.[5] Through certain magic, it kept the Dragonspear portal closed and prevented Baazka from entering the prime Material plane.[2]

Over a century later, in the Year of Blue Fire, 1385 DR, the rakshasa Nadir arranged for a group of vampires to dominate the cleric of Tempus, Darrondar Gweth. He had Gweth remove Illydrael from the altar and shed his own blood open the Dragonspear portal, with the intent of forcing his arch-rival Sir Isteval to sacrifice his soul to close it therafter.[4]





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