Ilmara was a queen of Impiltur and the third ruler of the Heltharn Dynasty.[2]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ilmara was the only daughter of King Imphras I and Queen Sambral. Her elder brother was Imbrar I.[2]

In 1167 DR, in her early 40s, Ilmara finally married. Her husband was Rilaun of Sarshel, a man half her age.[4] Their son was named Imphras II.[4][2]

History[edit | edit source]

Born in 1104 DR,[2] Ilmara was a sorceress like her mother and was tutored under Mhilra of Milvarune. As Princess, Ilmara discovered the Scrying Stones of Myth Drannor. With them, she founded Ilmwatch, from which she watched for any sign of the return of the hobgoblin hordes that had been defeated by her father.[4][5]

The hobgoblins did return. When she saw them through the stones in 1127 DR, her brother, King Imbrar, took an army to the Giantspire Mountains to defeat them. The king, his men, and the hobgoblins were never seen again. Ilmara took the crown with sorrow.[4]

Upon the birth of her son from her late marriage in 1169 DR, her husband became angry when she named her new son heir instead of him. He tried to take the throne by force but was killed.[4]

Ilmara served as regent until her son reached the age of sixteen years, at which point she left the throne.[4] She died five years later in 1190 DR.[2]

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