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Ilmwatch was a large fortress-town that protected the infamous Buzzard Beak Harbor and traders of the Merchant's Run, located on the northern end of the Easting Reach, within the Farwater region of Impiltur.[1][3][2]


Despite its strategic location between Impiltur and Damara, Ilmwatch was not a particularly busy port city.[2]


During most months of the year sea-travel from the Sea of Fallen Stars was largely navigable along the Great Imphras River until the great city of Helgabal. As such, Ilmwatch only brought in a few ships that unloaded their goods within the fortress. The settlement did see some overland trade, primarily from smaller mercantile operations that only required wagons or horses as a means of conveyance.[2]

Ilmwatch was large enough to easily support several hundred troops. Soldiers from the Warswords were tasked with protecting merchants traveling to and from Damara as well as those who crossed the Easting Reach to Uthmere. Patrols regularly scouted the surrounding lands and often accompanied merchants traveling along the Merchant's Run and Herald's Road, as they passed closer to the fortress. Their influence extended as far north as Uthmerg to the southwestern local known as the Narrows, where the Herald's Road crossed the Bluefang Water.[1][2][4]


During the late 14th century DR, Ilmwatch was governed by Heskar Brandosk. He led a stalwart defense of the fortress against the influence of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm and pirates that scoured the coast of the Easting Reach.[2]