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Ilnezhara was a copper dragon who lived in the Bloodstone Lands.[3]


Her human form was that of an attractive woman with a shock of thick, copper-colored hair and huge blue eyes. She was often dressed in the finest of threads. Her figure was straight, tall, and slender.[5]


The dragon was centuries old by 1368 DR. She had a sister, Tazmikella, with whom she crawled from her egg in the great deserts of Calimshan.[3]

She and her sister were once approached by Zhengyi, the Witch-King, with the offer of immortality in lichdom if they served beside his conquering armies. The dragon sisters declined that offer.[6]

In 1368 DR, Ilnezhara was operating a shop at Wall's Around in Heliogabalus called "Ilnezhara's Gold Coins".[5]

In 1484 DR, Ilnezhara was posing as the human "Lady Zee," the owner of a curiosity shop called A Pocketful of Zzzzs at Wall's Around in Helgabal.[2] That year, the drow Jarlaxle approached her and her sister, requesting them to help him in the events surrounding the Darkening and the involvement of several white dragons.[7]


For some time she was the lover of the drow mercenary Jarlaxle.[8] She found him quite charming.[9]



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