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Lady Ilsevele Miritar was a sun elf spellarcher from the Queen's Guard on Evermeet,[3] who went on to become the Coronal of restored Cormanthyr.[4]


Ilsevele was pale with copper-colored hair.[5]


She carried a magical bow crafted from deep red yew.[6] She wore magical leather armor strengthened with steel rings, which was appropriate for a captain of the spellarchers. She also carried a pair of fine elven short swords.[7] Ilsevele's spellbook was a slender volume with silver clasps, bound between thin sheets of laspar wood.[8]


Ilsevele's mother and father were Ilyyela Miritar and Seiveril Miritar respectively, both of whom were deceased.[9]

She was the partner and betrothed of Araevin Teshurr until the couple parted ways when Ilsevele fell in love with the resurrected Fflar Starbrow Melruth, whom she eventually wed.[2]

Ilsevele had a fine gray destrier named Swiftwind.[10]


At around the age of 170,[11][note 2] she worked with her father on the Elven Crusade to Myth Drannor, and after his death took up leadership of the Army of Myth Drannor. After she defeated the armies of Scyllua Darkhope, she was visited by the Srinshee and granted the Rulers' Blade, becoming seventh Coronal of the rebuilt realm of Cormanthyr with Fflar as her consort.[4]

After the second destruction of Myth Drannor in 1487 DR, Ilsevele and Fflar led their people to Semberholme.[12]



  1. The Ruler's Blade, as presented in Lost Empires of Faerûn, page 158, can only be wielded by one of lawful good alignment, implying that Ilsevele Miritar must have been lawful good when she received the blade.
  2. Ilsevele's age is determined from Araevin being almost 100 years her elder.


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