Iltharagh, also known as Golden Night,[1] was a unique topaz dragon dracolich living near Luskan who worked with the Cult of the Dragon in 1370 DR.[3]


Iltharagh was a very old topaz dragon who laired near the mouth of the Iceflow north of Luskan. He fought many territorial battles over the skies of the City of Sails against the white dragon Arveiaturace. Each struggle left both dragons badly wounded, but Arveiaturace seemed to gain slightly from each conflict.[3]

In despair, Iltharagh accepted the Cult of the Dragon's offer and underwent the ritual to become a dracolich in the Year of the Wave, 1364 DR. Since the transformation, he had not left his lair, but continued to burn hot with hatred for Arveiaturace. It is believed that the dragon retained its psionic abilities even after the transformation to undeath.[3]



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