Iltkazar (the Mithral Kingdom[2]) was a subterranean dwarven realm, originally one of the eight sub-kingdoms of Shanatar, and known for its stone carving and engineering.[3] The term "Iltkazar" came to describe more than just the original sub-kingdom, and by −1900 DR it was used to describe a sub-kingdom of Calimshan.[2] The Shanataran sub-kingdoms of Barakuir, Drakkalor, Holorarar and Ultoksamrin were located in Iltkazar, as well as Zokir, City of Orbs.[3]

As of 1371 DR, Iltkazar was mainly inhabited by shield dwarves, although populations of humans, rock gnomes, svirfneblin and urdunnirin also existed.[2]

In its prime, Iltkazar had an estimated population of 7,506 (mostly shield dwarves) and was ruled by a silver dragon known as King Mith Barak the Clanless, who spent seventy-five out of every hundred years sitting still as a solid mithral statue on his throne. During this time, the Regency Council of Iltkazar ruled the city. It was probably the best defended city in the Underdark.[4]

In 1367 DR King Mith Barak's astral form was captured by Tiamat and he was only released in 1477 DR. During his absence the city was ruled by regents.[1]

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