The Iltkazar Highlands were the eastern principality of the Kingdom of Tethyr.[3]


The eastern Highlands sloped upwards to the chain of mountains that included the Snowflake, Omlarandin, and Alimir Mountains.[3] The land was rough and uneven,[1] a prime example being the Gorge of the Fallen Idol, where the River Ith began.[4]

The Upper Highlands were designated as the Golden Marches; the Lower Highlands made up the Duchy of Suretmarch.[5]


The official ruler of the Principality of the Iltkazar Highlands was Prince Coram Rhindaun. As he was still an infant, the Monarch's Champion,[6] Vander Stillhawk, ruled in his stead.[1]


Historically, this region of Tethyr was less civilized than the western areas of that country. Monsters were a problem in the area,[5] and many armies marched through its lands in times past.[1]

In the month of Ches, in the Year of the Tankard (1370 DR), the Amnian settlements of Trailstone and Riatavin succeeded from Amn to join Tethyr.[7] Since Riatavin was a bustling and rich metropolis, its inclusion in the Upper Highlands boosted the Iltkazar Highlands from the poorest to the richest territory of Tethyr.[1]




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