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The Ilvastarr family was one of the noble houses of Waterdeep that rose to prominence during the 13th century DR.[1][2]


They owed much of their wealth and success to their prowess and skill as monster catchers.[1][2] Frescoes in their possession seemingly depicted members of their family subduing and taming fantastic beasts such as chimeras, manticores, giant snakes, and even dragons.[3]

Interestingly enough, their family owned culinary interests that specialized in meats of an "exotic" flavor.[1][2]

Base of Operations[]

They kept their family estate within the city's North Ward at the southwest corner of Saerdoun Street and Suldown Street.[4]

In addition to their familial home, the Ilvastarrs maintained a secret vault somewhere in the city. Within it were the family's historical records, the remains of their forebears, and a number of familial relics including the Bulwark of Ilvastarr. It was guarded by a spectator known as Qilnax.[3]


The family has a storied history in Waterdeep and its surrounding lands, even before their ennoblement in the Year of the Cockatrice, 1248 DR.[2]

Members of the family were present during the Battle of Blood-Drenched Swords of the Second Trollwar. Following the defeat of the Black Claw horde, members of the Ilvastarr family looted the corpse of Lord Palinor Belabranta and stole the griffontack of Belabranta from his griffon mount.[5]

During the Guild Wars of the 1250s DR, Lord Haran of the City Watch pulled his watchmen from the streets, allowing members of an allied family to destroy the estate of House Zoar. He was put to trial by the Lords-Magister and killed for the abdication of his responsibilities.[3]

Notable Members[]

13th century
  • Haran Ilvastarr: Civilar of the Waterdhavian city watch during the time of the Guild Wars.[3]
14th century
  • Ulguth: The patriarch of House Ilvastarr[2]
  • Mara: The lady of the family[2]
  • Ulguth II: The elder son and secret worshiper of Gormauth Souldrinker[5][6]
  • Gotom: Ulguth and Mara's second son and heir-apparent[2]
  • Ajantis: A paladin in service of the Radiant Heart[7]




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