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The Ilzimmer (pronounced: /ˈɪlzɪmmɛrILL-zim-mer[3]) family was a significant member of the nobility of Waterdeep, first gaining nobility status in Year of the Cockatrice, 1248 DR.[1] Like House Amcathra and House Roaringhorn, House Ilzimmer's influence also reached out to the town of Amphail.[4]


As of the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the patriarch of the Ilzimmer family was Lord Boroldan Ilzimmer with his consort Xantha and their eldest son as the designated heir, Thanvas. During this period, there were forty-two living members of the Ilzimmer noble family.[3]


The Ilzimmer family were most notably gem merchants.[5] but also designed and sold jewelry and gowns. They were also keen cartographers, making and collecting maps. The family, and Dauner Ilzimmer in particular, had an interest in horse-breeding and racing.[3][4]

Base of Operations[]

The family villa and main base was located in the Sea Ward. The building was a distinctive and unique noble villa, consisting of two floors.[6][7] A sublevel was accessible within the property via a portal, and provided two-way access from a lair that belonged to Xanathar in Skullport, to House Ilzimmer.[8]

Other Ilzimmer members owned properties within Waterdeep, including Simon Ilzimmer who dwelled in a four-story row house in the North Ward.[9]


  • Boroldan Ilzimmer: Patriarch and leader of the noble family in the mid–14th century. While a powerful and rich noble, he was not well-liked or popular among his peers. [5]
  • Xantha Ilzimmer: The wife and consort of Boroldan.
  • Thanvas Ilzimmer: The eldest son and heir of Boroldan and Xantha.[3]
  • Simon Ilzimmer: A mage and minor member of the family. He was described as tall and broad and was infamous for frequenting courtesans while shapedshifted. Sometime around 1368 DR, he was arrested, found guilty of murder, and hanged from the city walls.[5]
  • Jandar Ilzimmer: Jandar was one of many Waterdhavian nobles who joined the Deep Delvers, a group of young nobles who went adventuring into Undermountain. He was a human fighter who fought with a broadsword.[10]
  • Dauner Ilzimmer: The Chondathan lord Warder of Amphail sometime after 1485 DR. He was described as somewhat of a pompous and lawful man with a deep love of horses.[4]



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