Imani was a wizard and sage in Turmish.[2]


Imani was a former adventuring wizard from Turmish. Afterward, he became a sage researching the lost elven kingdom of Uvaeren.

In 1479 DR, he discovered that the lost Diamond Staff of Chomylla, key to all Uvaeren lore, was in the lair of the dracolich Dretchroyaster. He hired an adventuring party to infiltrate the lair and take it.[2]

After Imani hired an adventuring party to went to explore Uvaeren ruins on the borders of Mistledale but a orc war band attacked his tower and stolen the Diamond Staff. So Imani instructed the adventurers to recover it.[1]


Imani was always fascinated by Uvaeren artifacts, and knew that they could not be allowed to fall into evil hands.[2]



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