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The Imaskari were the citizens of Imaskar, the ancient empire later swallowed by the Raurin Desert and the Plains of Purple Dust. They were vilified by the Mulan, who were the descendants of the slaves the Imaskari artificers abducted from other worlds using the mighty portals they crafted.[1]


At its height, the Imaskari Empire stretched from the Endless Wastes to the Golden Water, and from the Alamber Sea to the edge of Kara-Tur. Ruins of their cities could be found on the Plains of Purple Dust.[1]


The Imaskari spoke Roushoum, a precursor of such languages as Durpari, Raumvira, and the various dialects of the Tuigan. The Imaskari alphabet had completely fallen out of use by the 14th century DR; it was only found inscribed on a few ancient artifacts and the walls of Imaskari ruins.[1]


The descendants of Imaskar lived on as the Deep Imaskari, a sub-species of human who made their home in the Underdark realm of Deep Imaskar and the new empire of High Imaskar.[2]