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Imbrar II was the last king of Impiltur.[4]


He was the second nephew of Soarimbrar the Younger (who was a descendant of Imphras II's fourth son), through his older sister.[3]


Before his coronation, the teenage Imbrar would travel under the alias of "Sarshel of Laviguer".[1] During this time his identity was kept hidden and his life protected by the Knights of Imphras II.[5]

He was crowned on his sixteenth birthday (Marpenoth 24,[citation needed] 1374 DR).[2] He took the throne from the aged Queen-Regent Sambryl, who herself gained power when Imbrar's uncle was killed just before his coronation.[3] Much hope was placed in Imbrar by his subjects that he would reinvigorate Impilturan society. However, he died in 1385 DR,[4] without an heir, the blood of the ill-fated Heltharn Dynasty spent.[citation needed]