Immil Vale was a deep valley in Rashemen north of the Running Rocks. It was the site of the Battle of Immil Vale in 1360 DR.[1]


Immil Vale was a deep narrow valley north of the Running Rocks mountains and the Ashenwood. In the valley it was perpetual springtime due to volcanic activity, with hot spring, green grass, and vents and fumaroles of steam that often filled the valley with mist.[2] A huge, ancient tree stood at a vantage point over the valley.[1] The Watchtower, run by the Witches of Rashemen, stood nearby, and the farthest outpost that could be seen from the valley was the Sisters on the Rookery Peak. The valley was normally filled with spirits, but during the Time of Troubles, the valley was (temporarily?) turned into a dead-magic zone.[3]


In 1360 DR, the Battle of Immil Vale took place between Rashemi forces and the Tuigan Horde. The Rashemi forces were composed off mounted Rashemi berserker warriors led by the Iron Lord, Hyarmon Hussilthar and witches directed by the wychlaran Zofia Othlor. The Tuigan forces were numerous and mounted on horses. They summoned zombies (called dierneszkits) to use as fodder and used the dead-magic zone as protection. Other notable participants included Fyodor on the side of the Rashemi. It was at this battle that Fyodor, after witnessing the death of his father, Mahryon, and seeing his armsmen's many losses, rushed forward in an uncontrollable berserker frenzy and and almost single-handedly won the battle. After the battle, Fyodor was given a blunt sword (signifying his being a danger to others) by Zofia and told to go on a quest to find the Windwalker amulet.[4]





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