The Imnestream was a river in western Amn.[1] It was considered one of the most beautiful rivers of the Sword Coast.[2]


The river began in the Small Teeth near the town of Imnescar and flowed north into the Zehoarast Flood Plain, where it turned sharply west on its journey to the Sea of Swords.[1][3]


Despite how it was named, the Imnestream was a river, not a stream. Its waters were cold and flowed swiftly,[2] and it had many waterfalls and rapids,[1][2] making it beautiful but not navigable.[2] At the beginning of the river's journey, it passed through pleasant flower meadows and small clusters of trees. When it reached the floodplains, the waters became muddy, but before that they were clean and pure.[2]

Bluefin and silverback, two local species of fishes, could be speared or netted from the Imnestream, from pools in its path.[2]

Small cottages could be found along the river, but there were no large farms or manors until the Zehoarast. Because—unlike with the nearby Specie—no gold or silver had ever been found in the river, there were no mills, nor were there armed guards along its banks.[2]


The river received its name from Crown Prince Imnel, a victorious warrior in the Ogre Wars.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Local legends spoke of a sorceress able to take wraithform who lived in one of the tiny cottages along the river near its source. She was called the Witch of Glavvim. Some considered her a "were-watchghost", whatever that was, and she was said to often be in disguise.[2]



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