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The Imperial Weapons Cache was an structure among the rooms within the Palace of the Purple Emperor. Notably, it held a number of monsters in stasis, including the mind of Pandorym.[1]


The entrance to the Imperial Weapons Cache was a bronze iris-like shutter,[2] which sat at the top of a spiral staircase.[3]

The chamber was basically an egg-shaped cavity, apparently larger than the structure could have possibly contained. It was moon-bright,[2] with thousands of circular insets on the floor, all at least 3 feet (0.91 meters) in diameter, with some far larger. Each circle capped an inset cylindrical silo. The ones closer to the edge had simple symbols to indicate their content, the middle ones sported intrincate locks, and the central ones showed sigils of warding made of celestial nadir crystal insets.[1]

The center of the cache held a circle thirty paces in diameter, presumably 30 yards (27 meters); by 1374 DR, this cylinder had partially disengaged its locks, and had been pushed up, like a dais. Pandorym's darkness flowed out from a thin gap in its seal.[1]


Amongst other creatures, the room was inhabited by the Elder Evil Pandorym, and several creatures captured by the ancient Imaskari, stored in stasis canisters. Those inhabitants included storm giants, thri-kreen, shadow efts, mountain trolls[note 1] and other, less identifiable ones, such as human-dragon hybrids and hoofed demonic humanoids.[1]


After being summoned, the Elder Evil Pandorym was split into two parts, with its mind sealed in the Imperial Weapons Cache.[4] After the destruction of Inupras, the Imperial Weapons Cache remained unmolested until the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, when the seal on Pandorym's mind began to slip.[5]

During 1374 DR, the Elder Evil decanted several monsters from the Cache in order to attack foes such as Thormud Horn and Ususi Manaallin.[6] Eventually, adventurers led by Ususi reached the Imperial Weapons Chamber on Tarsakh 19;[7] once there, Ususi succeeded at sealing Pandorym, and then sealed the Imperial Weapons Cache permanently.[8]



  1. Strangely, mountain trolls were unkown in Imaskari records, per Iahn Qoyllor. The creature may have been brought into the chamber from outside.