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Impervious sanctity of mind was an abjuration spell that granted the caster complete immunity from mind-affecting spells, spell-like effects, and psionics.[1]


This spell lasted for at least two hours (longer for higher level casters). When cast, it prevented all of the following effects: amnesia, awe, beguiling, charm, command, confusion, domination, emotion, empathy, ESP, fascination, fear, feeblemind, hold person, hypnotism, insanity, magic jar, mind blast, phantasmal killer, possession, rulership, sleep, soul trapping, suggestion, telepathy, and any form of psionic or telepathic attack or sending. The only exceptions to this protection were artifacts, relics, or extraordinarily powerful creatures.[1]

This spell did not prevent detection or scrying.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a ring made of lead that had been subjected to red dragon breath.[1]