Imphraili Asserbai was a Red Wizard of Thay and experimentalist transmuter, who worked in the Underdark, close to Rilhaven around 1311 DR.[1]


Imphraili was a specialist wizard in the transmutation school, and a member of the Researcher political faction. She adamantly believed that the Imperialist faction were fools and hoped they would give up their cause.[1]

She eagerly took up work for Saablic Tan to be free of their Imperialist master's scheming. As part of this, she worked heavily on the Viciscamera, as well as experimentally modifying it. Imphraili was very successful in her experiments, and produced many different types of drider.[1]

She studied the theoretical use of the poisonous substance called Sanguis Anima, a fluid which was used in the animation of a flesh golem. This substance could physically strengthen the creature and extend its lifespan. Although the experimentation was very dangerous, Imphraili went ahead with her efforts. After gathering some typical reagants, and giant myconid fungi spores, she injected the fluid into the creature. Following that, she blasted the golem with electricity, and it awakened to serve her. The modified golem could not stand the touch of daylight.[1]


Imphraili had a collection of wands, experimental substances, and books (mainly experimental logbooks). She was also in control of a few magically enhanced flesh golems. Her golems were different to most, with their eyes glowing with eerie light, and a web of throbbing veins in their green skin.[1]



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