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Impiltur (pronounced: /ˈɪmpɪltɜːrIM-pil-tur[4]) was a former kingdom and current confederacy of feudal lords in Northeast Faerûn of around 1.2 million inhabitants, comprising mainly humans, but also dwarves and halflings.[5]


Most Impilturans were humans, dwarves, or halflings, but in 1372 DR people were becoming more accustomed to other races. However, elves and half-elves were still rare, drawing eyes wherever they went.[1][3]


Food and drinkEdit

A typical tavern meal in Impiltur included thick seafood stew served in hollowed-out round loaves, a platter of pungent cheeses, and bowls of sugared berries. Mutton was also available.[3]


Impiltur's proximity to Damara made it a perfect trading gateway for Damaran goods such as meat, cheese, and strong wines. Newly discovered mines in the Earthspur Mountains provided a great deal of wealth. [1]

The names of vessels from Impiltur were based on the goods they carry like Spicesail or Timberhold.[6]


In 1372 DR, the nation was led by the Council of Lords (mostly composed of paladins or others of lawful or good alignment) and Queen Sambryl (widow of King Imphras IV), who generally left all governing affairs to the Council. The Council's colors were sea blue and silver, and their symbol was three interlocking rings representing Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater.[3] The government generally has a trade-friendly "hand-off" policy with regards to their neighbors.[1]

The government employed a spy agency, led by Arshryke Taranth, that secretly gathered information about many powerful organizations, such as the Zhentarim, and the Cult of the Dragon.[7]


Impiltur had its own set of laws governing maritime activities on the Sea of Fallen Stars. If a crime was committed whilst at sea, the captain usually imprisoned the offender in the ship's brig until making landfall in Impiltur where the case could be taken further.[8]


The nation had a strong militia in 1372 DR called the Warswords of Impiltur that ran regular patrols throughout the land. Typical patrols consisted of twenty mounted warriors. Additionally, the military hired a number of adventurers and mercenaries known as "swordpoints."[1][3]


Main article: History of Impiltur

Impiltur's monarchy was founded with Imphras the Great in 1095 DR. He united four independent cities against advancing hobgoblin hordes from the Giantspire Mountains.[1]

Although the Tuigan Horde in 1358 DR did not cross the border of Impiltur, many refugees fleeing its effects did, leading to poverty, starvation, and in some places chaos. However, order and wealth returned to Impiltur over the next twenty years.[1]


Impiltur was located between the Sea of Fallen Stars in the east and south and the Earthspur and Earthfast Mountains in the west. To the north was the Rawlinswood and Damara.[9]

Most maps of Impiltur divided the nation-state into three main sections:

Easting coast
The region south of the Earthspur mountains, bordered on the west by the Gray Forest and on the east by New Sarshel and the Easting Reach. This more civilized area of Impiltur held the major cities of Lyrabar, Dilpur and Hlammach.[10]
This stretch of Impiltur opened up north of the Easting coast into vast, sparsely populated countryside that bordered the waterways flowing into the Reach.[10]
New Water
The true frontier land of Impiltur began at the crossing of Herald's Road between the Bluefang Water and the Old Water lakes. This wild and lawless expanse opened up to Dunwood and, further northwest, the path to Damara.[10]

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