Impilturan demonslayers are heroes of Impiltur and hunters of the demonic forces that haunt it. Wielding dual weapons, most often two blades, Impilturan demonslayers fearlessly hunt the enemies of Impiltur's people, be they demons or horrific plaguechanged monsters. To these bold adventurers, demons are little more than more powerful versions of the more common beasts most rangers hunt.[2]

In order to slay the mighty abominations, which they hunt, Impilturan demonslayers dabble in the ways of arcane magic, unlike most rangers. In addition to wielding the power of martial training these warriors use a small number of potent spells in order to lay low the defenses of any demon they fight.[2]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

In order to fight the monstrous forces that Impilturan demonslayers choose to call their enemy those beginning the path learn quickly the ways of their foes and arcane knowledge regarding them. This extra knowledge gives demonslayers a slight edge over the forces of the Abyss, making their attacks more potent. With further training this allows demonslayers to strip the defenses of a demon away, essentially rendering them mortal against the demonslayer's blades. Once a demonslayer is provoked into a rage they are even more deadly, particularly against their chosen foes.[2]

In order to fight the demons that plague Impiltur demonslayers learn a few spells. Demonward is the earliest such spell learned and it allows demonslayers to adapt to their enemies' attacks. With further training demonslayers can enchant their weapons to make them cut directly into the very souls of the foes they fight, dealing hot, singing damage to demons and their nearby allies. Not all abilities of the demonslayer are magical, however, and the exploit demonslayer's hindrance is available to those of the path fairly early on, allowing them to deal crippling damage through more mundane methods.[2]

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