Impresk was a barony of the monarchy of Erlkazar, which encompassed the territory of the Snowflake Mountains.[1]


Impresk was the barony responsible for ensuring that the monster population of the Snowflake Mountains remained low and defending the trade road to Riatavin.[1]

The barony was inhabited by many "hill clans" and contained several farming villages, a few logging and shepherding towns in the foothills, and a single mining town.[1]


Impresk Barony was the northernmost of Erlkazar's five baronies. It bordered Carrelath and Shalanar to the south. Shilmista, the Forest of Shadows, was its western border, and Impresk Lake was located at the southeast edge.[1]


The leader of Impresk was Baron Jivam Tammsel, who, oddly enough, was a half-steel dragon ranger. He was selected by the hill clans to lead despite his draconic heritage.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

This small fishing town[1] was the birthplace of the famous cleric Cadderly Bonaduce.[4]
Castle Trinity 
The ruins of this former keep were once the site of a secret sect of the goddess Talona.[1]
Edificant Library 
This famous library to Deneir and Oghma was brought to ruin by the Chaos Curse.[citation needed]
Impresk Lake 
This lake was ice cold and connected to the Deepwash by a short river.[1]
This shepherding village was the closest settlement to the baron's hunting lodge in the central Snowflakes.[1]
This cave was the former lair of the red dragon Fyrentennimar.[1]
Snowflake Mountains 
These were some of the tallest peaks in the south of Faerûn.[1]
Spirit Soaring 
This cathedral to Deneir was built on the site of the old Edificant Library.[1]




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