Imprisonment was an abjuration spell that entombs subjects beneath the earth.


When you cast imprisonment and touch an opponent, he is entombed in a state of suspended animation (see the temporal stasis spell) in a small sphere far beneath the surface of the earth. The subject remains there unless a freedom spell is cast at the locale where the imprisonment took place. Magical search by a crystal ball, a locate object spell, or some other similar divination does not reveal the fact that a creature is imprisoned, but discern location does. A wish or miracle spell will not free the recipient but will reveal where it is entombed. The imprisonment spell functions only if the target's name and some facts about its life are known.

The reversed form of this spell, freedom, was used to release an imprisoned creature from its confinement. Detailed knowledge of the prisoner to free was required, otherwise the caster risked setting loose other entombed creatures.[3]


The spell required verbal, somatic and material components. The specific material depended on the form of imprisonment the caster wished to inflict on the target, but in addition to that all versions required either a small carved statue in the likeness of the target or a depiction of the target on calfskin.[2]


The spell was credited to Netherese arcanist Yong in −1674 DR and was originally called Yong's imprison.[1]



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