Imvris was an infamous poison sometimes found in Faerûn.[1]


Imvris was a transparent liquid with a very faint purple tint and a floral scent that was spiced with pepper. It was made from the petals of twelve different flowers from plants that grew in jungles. The petals were crushed together and distilled to produce imvris.[1]


This poison was most effective when ingested or when it entered the bloodstream by injury. In most beings, it caused immediate paralysis that usually lasted for a few hours. Just coming in contact with imvris caused a momentary paralysis with no lasting effects. A person could be kept paralyzed by administering additional doses, but only for a total of about seven hours consecutively. At that point, any additional exposure reversed the effects completely and, for the next twelve hours, granted them immunity to imvris and extremely acute hearing.[1]



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