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In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil is a Planescape® AD&D 2nd-edition accessory.

Welcome to the Cage! That's Sigil, City of Doors - realm of the Lady of Pain, gateway to all planes and possibilities. It's the most coveted burg in the multiverse, and this tome is the key to unlocking its secrets.

Now DMs and cutters alike can discover:

  • Little known facts about Sigil's sites and personalities
  • A guide to major portals
  • Maps of famous locales, fiendish and divine
  • Evocative illustrations by DiTerlizzi, Dameron, Ruppel, and Berry
  • An all-new, full-color, poster-sized map of the city, pinpointing place heretofore unseen
Which pubs cater to the clueless, and which're quick to put a sod in the dead-book? Where do folks gather to catch an "Execution by Wyrm"? For whom do the Bells of Baphomet toll? Exposing both the low life and glittering highlights, In the Cage is an essential guide for any blood who plans on exploring Sigil's streets - especially any blood who plans to leave under his own power.


  • A Tout's Guide to Sigil
  • The Lady's Ward
  • The Lower Ward
  • Clerk's Ward
  • Guildhall & Market Wards
  • The Hive



  • Designers: Wolfgang Baur, Rick Swan
  • Editor: Karen S. Boomgarden
  • Cover Artist: Dana Knutson
  • Interior Artist: Ned Dameron
  • Color Plates: Ned Dameron, Tony DiTerlizzi, Dana Knutson, Robh Ruppel
  • Cartographer: Rob Lazzaretti
  • Typography & Production: Angelika Lokotz
  • Graphic Design: Dawn Murin, Dee Barnett
  • Art Coodination: Peggy Cooper
  • Project Manager: Andria Hayday
  • Electronic Prepress Coordinator: Tim Coumbe
  • Documents: Dawn Murin, Sarah Feggestad
  • Special Thanks: Rich Baker, Colin McComb, Bill Slavicsek, Ray Vallese

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