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Inanna was one of two Untheric goddesses of love and war (the other was her "daughter", Ishtar). Her manifestation on Toril was killed during the Orcgate Wars.[4] Her symbol was a shepherd's staff.[1]


Inanna manifested as a beautiful human female. She wielded a small double-bladed brass axe that caused any armor it hit to crumble into dust. Her breast plates negated any damage against heat, cold, fangs, or claws. She drove a chariot pulled by seven flying lions in battle.[5]


Inanna was once the wife of Enlil, but he set her aside, leaving her to seethe under his rule.[1]

The goddess Ishtar was born from Inanna. Once they were the same being, but as Inanna's people grew more civilized, her pantheon split in two, with new aspects of the older gods becoming entities in their own right.[6]


Inanna presumably came to Toril with the other Untheric deities aboard the Galley of the Gods.[7] She was killed by one of the Orcish gods in −1071 DR,[8] and her body was laid to rest in a God-Tomb in Unther.[9]



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