This incandescent blue ioun stone was a unique ioun stone created by the githzerai that boosted the wisdom of the bearer.[1]


It was a spherical blue stone, weighing 1 lb (453 g).[1]


When attuned, the incandescent blue ioun stone increased the owner's wisdom.[1]


In a past age, in a realm beyond the Astral Plane, the githzerai craftsman Bashenee created an incandescent blue ioun stone for a great githzerai monk, who later fell in battle with githyanki.

The stone circulated among the githyanki for many years, until it was given to the mind flayer Oinchack'olp, who treated it as a prized possession.

Around 1311 DR in Icewind Dale, Oinchack'olp was roaming the Underdark beneath Icewind Dale when he lost the ioun stone, and some driders found it. Oinchack'olp ordered some passing adventurers to retrieve it from the driders' lair.[1]



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