An incantatrix was a skilled practitioner of metamagic. She studied and shaped spells in their raw effects and could modify the spells of allies, magic items, and even active spells cast by another. Incantatrixes disliked extraplanar intrusions into Faerûn, having a particular fondness for magic that thwarted extraplanar beings while seeking out and destroying planar portals and gates.[3]


The majority of incantatrixes were female, while males were rare and known as incantatars.[4] The term metamage was sometimes used as a gender-neutral reference to both incantatrixes and incantatars, but the term is not strictly accurate.[2] Most were skilled wizards or sorcerers as well as a small number of bards. Very few clerics or druids explored this path as they relied on extraplanar entities, which strongly conflicted with the incantatrix's methods.[3][4]

Before the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, incantatrixes had specialized in their own distinct school of incantation.[2]


Due to the area of magic in which incantatrixes studied, they gained the benefits of being specialized in the school of abjuration.[3]

Incantatrixes were especially potent at banishing outsiders.[3]

With a hardy spirit, the incantatrix became immune to death magic and effects that drained life energy.[3]

Experienced incantatrixes that mastered metamagic were extremely potent when using those effects.[3]

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