Incantatrix, whose male equivalent is the Incantatar,[1] is a special prestige class whose members are the most skilled practitioners of metamagic. They study and shape spells in their raw effects and can modify the spells of allies, magic items and even active spells cast by another. They dislike extraplanar intrusions of Faerûn, having a particular fondness for magic that thwarts extraplanar beings while seeking out and destroying planar portals and gates.[2] Someone seems to think that they are not dangerous against normal opponents, but they change their mind as soon as they see the sheer destructive power of some spells modified by a couple of metamagic effects.[citation needed]

Most incantatrixes are skilled wizards or sorcerers as well as a small number of bards. Very few clerics or druids explore this path as they rely on extraplanar entities, which strongly conflicts with the incantatrix's methods.[2]


School Specialization
Due to the area of magic in which incantatrixes study, they gain the benefits of being specialized in the school of abjuration.[2] Before the Year of Wild Magic, incantatrixes had specialized in their own distinct school of incantation.[3]
Send Away
Incantatrixes are especially potent at banishing outsiders.[4]
Hardy Spirit
This ability allows the incantatrix to become immune to death and energy-draining attacks and effects.[4]
Improved Metamagic
Experienced incantatrixes that have mastered metamagic are extremely potent when using those effects.[4]

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