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Incendiary cloud was a conjuration spell that summoned a cloud of smoke and embers.[3]


Prior to the Time of Troubles, for Parwyyd Hanifar at least, an incendiary cloud spell evoked a cloud around 20 ft (6.0 m) to a side and 10 ft (3.0 m) high, and it billowed outwards in all directions. After 90 seconds, it caught fire, and after another two minutes it turned to blinding fog.[10]

After the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, an incendiary cloud spell created a cloud of billowing smoke containing hot embers that obscured sight, similar to a fog cloud. The embers had the potential to burn anyone in the cloud. The cloud was 40 ft (12.1 m) wide and 20 ft (6.0 m) high. The cloud spread slowly out from the point at which it was cast, and the caster had the option to move its point of origin by up to 60 ft (18.3 meters) at a time. The smoke was dispersed by wind, and the spell could not be cast underwater.[3]


The spell required only verbal and somatic components.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Primidon in −1947 DR and was originally called Primidon's cloud.[1]

In the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, Parwyyd's tower was under siege. His personal assistant Dunstanny suggested that Parwyyd employ an incendiary cloud spell, which quickly drove the attackers off.[10]

At latest by 1374 DR, the church of Kossuth managed to convert the spell into one their clerics could cast, provided they were introduced in their faith's secret.[4]