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Inconsequence was a unique enchanted war hammer created by a self-proclaimed prophet named Phellep.[1]


Inconsequence possessed a powerful +3 enchantment that became a drastically more powerful version of itself, a +5 enchantment, when wielded against both evil and good creatures.[1]


However powerful this warhammer was, its creator exclusively used it to knock on the doors of temples and churches, which he called "the dens of fools and mindless men". Phellep, the prophet of providential rejection, believed that no-one's individual actions bore any relevance nor effect on the faith of humanity as a whole. He rejected such concepts as good and evil, and Inconsequence reflected his beliefs.[1]

Eventually, by 1281 DR, Inconsequence left the hands of its creator and ended up in the possession of Quinn Silverfinger, a cleric of Waukeen from Lonelywood of the Ten Towns.[1]



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