Infernal Rapture was a restaurant and spa that operated as part of the Wandering Emporium that traveled across the wastes of Avernus in the Nine Hells. It was owned and operated by the rakshasa merchant lord Mahadi, an agent and loyal servant of Asmodeus.[1]


While Infernal Rapture appeared as a caravan tent on the outside, it was actually a demiplane unto itself. It not actually a part of the Nine Hells, but was accessible from Avernus by means of an infernal contract that was made with the establishment's proprietor.[1]



Each guest or party were granted their own private dining space lined with pillows and couches that were perfect for relaxation.[1]


The staff of Infernal Rapture were indentured to work under influence of the spell geas, and were ecstatic in their servitude.[1]


Upon entry, every patron was required to sign an infernal contract that stated all goods and services were to be paid for in full before they could leave the premises.[1]


Infernal Rapture offered a diverse variety of exotic courses, originating from various planes across the multiverse. The food was exquisitely prepared; it was wholly delicious and as nourishing as a meal provided by the spell heroes' feast.[1]

Some dishes included:

Each meal cost a single infernal soul coin. Custom dishes could be ordered, but had to be done weeks prior to reservation and cost ten times the usual rate.[1]


Spa services were complementary to all the guests of Infernal Rapture. These included manicures, pedicures, massages, and grooming. More unconventional services were available, at the cost of a single soul coin each. Among these were therapies that influenced a client's dreams, their aging process, and the overall health of their person.[1]



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