Infernal calling was a conjuration spell used to summon a devil.[1]


The spell summoned a devil of the caster's choice from the Nine Hells. The most powerful devil a caster could summon with this spell was a white abishai, but barbed devils, merregons, bearded devils, or weaker devils were also possible. A powerful caster with a high skill level or the talisman of the target devil was able to summon more powerful devils, such as an osyluth, a black abishai, an orthon, or even a cornugon.[1][2][3]

The summoned devil was immediately hostile towards the caster and any surrounding creature. If the devil sensed that it could win in a fight, or if the caster's concentration lapsed, it simply attacked, killed the caster, then vanished. During the summoning, the caster could attempt to command the devil to perform a task. If a devil agreed to do so, it usually meant that the task was in alignment with its own goals. If the caster knew the devil's true name, the devil was more inclined to obey the command. Upon completing the task, the devil returned to the caster to report on its actions. A devil that successfully resisted the caster's command was under no obligation to follow orders, but could still choose to comply if it judged those actions might bring the caster's soul closer to evil.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required a material component: a ruby with a value of at least 999 gp.[1]



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