Iniarv was the Mage Royal of Uthtower and the lich who created the Mere of Dead Men.[1]


In the early years of the Uthtower realm, Iniarv served as the Mage Royal of Uthtower. He built a tower near the High Road about 60 miles from Uthtower and used it as his base, releasing a number of magical beasts and experimental monsters into the wild. However, he disappeared from the public eye, choosing to become a lich and retreating to his tower's crypts. His whereabouts were not known until the forces of Phalorm chose the tower as a defensive spot in their fight against the orc invasion of 615 DR. The fighting enraged Iniarv. He emerged from his tower and, upon being requested by King Uth VII to aid the soldiers, called on the ocean to flood the land, turning it into the swamp known as the Mere of Dead Men. His fate after that event was unknown.[1][3][4]

Notable CreationsEdit

Twin Crowns of Myrmoran[5]


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