The Inn of the Dripping Dagger was the favored bar and home to many adventurers, mercenaries, misfits and soldiers in the city of Waterdeep.[1][2] the Dripping Dagger's prices always seemed to be a bit lower for those who were down on their luck.[1]


The inn was a rectangle, approximately thirty feet wide by fifty feet long. It also had a separate stables in a nearby alley.[3]

The inn was constructed of fieldstone on the first level which housed the tap room, the kitchen and a private meeting room. Stairs close to the end of the bar led up to two levels of guest rooms made of timber construction. A further set of stairs led up to an attic space where there was a small office, storage rooms, and a few hidden rooms for weapons, goods, or people. There was also a cellar with jakes, storage, and a strongroom.[3]

The roof of the building was flat. It had several carved statues of griffons with rings set into them where one could tether a flying mount. The roof also had a small chicken coop.[3]


The tavern was located in the Trades Ward of Waterdeep on the High Road between Selduth Street and Coffinmarch.[4][3]


In 1372 DR the inn was run by the courteous ex-mercenary, Filiare. In 1479 DR the Lohthuntle family ran the Dripping Dagger.[2]


The inn was best known for its seemingly haunted front door which would utter cryptic and seemingly menacing phrases such as 'His head will be found in a basket on Ship Street.' The city guard enlisted the help of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors who investigated the phenomenon. The mages of the order were unable to reach a conclusion as to the cause of the strange utterances but several theories remained popular ranging from a prank to the belief that a rogue Voice of Oghma was responsible.[2]

The Company of Crazed Venturers once called this place home, before they built their own keep. A famous mishap included a teleport gone awry which left the Company unarmed in the taproom with the bar itself destroyed and their foes close on their heels.[3]

Another incident involved a young princess from Cormyr , Alusair Nacacia, escaping her attendants and winding up here - play-wrestling and throwing daggers with the warriors in the taproom before a city watch patrol found her.[3]



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