Innarlith was a city located on the eastern tip of the Lake of Steam. It was a city where anything could be purchased, though how legal the acquisition might be was another story.[citation needed]


Innarlith was a city-state that had political control over the city of Innarlith and surrounding areas. The head of the government was called the Ransar. It was ruled by a senate composed of the aristocracy, who held their positions for life. Entry into the senate was attained by paying large sums of money to buy empty seats. [1]


In the Year of Maidens, 1361 DR, the Red Wizard Marek Rymüt was engaged in a breeding program to produce the mutant offspring of a male black dragon and female fire drakes that he called 'black fire drakes' in a nursery underneath the 2nd quarter of Innarlith. However, he was running into problems with finding enough food to feed them.[2] Some of the black fire drakes ended up escaping to the surface of the city and created mayhem and destruction, before being either killed by the city guard or teleported back to the nursery by Marek. Marek eventually transferred his nursery to a pocket dimension that he named the Land of One Hundred and Thirteen[3],.

Around 1372 DR, the ruler of the city was Ransar Pristoleph. Ransar Pristoleph cleaned out all rogue dens and monster dens in the Firesteap Mountains to protect the caravans. Ransar Pristoleph apparently had ties to the church of Cyric.[4]


Innarlith was the home of the Magister Talatha Vaerovree. Because this office was frequently filled by a wizard who had killed the prior Magister however, it was likely difficult if not impossible to find Talatha here.[5]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Palace of Many Spires - the palace of the Ransar of Innarlith was located in the second quarter and considered the greatest landmark in Innarlith.[6]



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