Inner Planes is the collective term for a subset of the known planes of existence in the Great Wheel cosmology model[1] and the World Tree cosmology model.[2] The term refers to the placement of the planes at the center of the concentric spheres that made up the Great Wheel model.[3] The Inner Planes were also called the elemental planes because each one was primarily made up of one type of matter. There were six major and twelve minor elemental planes and they could be reached from the Prime Material Plane by traveling through the Ethereal plane.[4] The six major Inner planes were:

The minor of the Inner Planes could be divided into three groups of four:[5]

  • The Paraelemental Planes (or paraplanes) of Smoke, Magma, Ooze and Ice, each of them between two of the major Elemental Planes.[5]
  • The positive Quasielemental Planes (quasiplanes) of Lightning, Radiance, Mineral and Steam, each between one of the major Elemental Planes and the Positive Energy Plane.[5]
  • The negative Quasielemental Planes (quasiplanes) of Vacuum, Ash, Dust and Salt, each between one of the major Elemental Planes and the Negative Energy Plane.[5]
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In the World Tree cosmology model, which became popular with some scholars before the Spellplague, the Inner planes were moved to the roots of the World Tree and the more appropriate name elemental planes was used to describe them as a group, but the name "Inner Planes" was still frequently used.[2]

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After the Spellplague, most of the matter making up the elemental planes collapsed together to become the Elemental Chaos.[6]




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