The following image map was generated using information compiled from the following sources:

Positive Energy PlaneNegative Energy PlaneElemental Plane of AirElemental Plane of EarthElemental Plane of FireElemental Plane of WaterElemental Plane of WaterElemental Plane of FireElemental Plane of EarthFountains of CreationFountains of CreationSwamp of OblivionSwamp of OblivionFrostfellFrostfellGreat ConflagrationGreat ConflagrationQuasi-Elemental Plane of MineralsQuasi-Elemental Plane of RadianceQuasi-Elemental Plane of LightningQuasi-Elemental Plane of SteamQuasi-Elemental Plane of VacuumQuasi-Elemental Plane of AshQuasi-Elemental Plane of DustQuasi-Elemental Plane of Salt

A representation of the Inner Planes according to the Great Wheel cosmology. Hovering over the map will reveal individual planes. Clicking will link to the article for that location.

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