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Insect plague was a conjuration spell that could summon swarms of locusts to attack all creatures in an area.[3][6][7][11]


The summoned insects blanketed the area of effect, biting and stinging every creature relentlessly, reducing visibility down to 10 ft (3 m), and preventing all spellcasting. Armor did not protect and invisibility was useless to avoid the swarms.[3][6][7][11] Small creatures and anything with failing morale would move at top speed in a random direction until they were well away from the plague.[6][7][11] The insects did not pursue fleeing targets but remained in the spot they were summoned for the duration of the spell.[3][6][7][11] Sustained large fires and smoke, or strong winds were effective in driving the insects away but a blast from a fireball would only clear an area briefly.[6][7][11]


Prior to the Spellplague, newer versions of this spell require only verbal and somatic components plus the priest's divine focus or holy symbol.[3] Earlier versions, as well as the version following the Second Sundering, also required a pinch of sugar, a few kernels of grain, and a smear of fat.[6][7][11][1]


The casting of insect plague by Lanseril Snowmantle was considered to be instrumental in the defeat of Zhentil Keep's reinforcements during the First battle of Shadowdale.[12]



  1. For some unknown reason, this spell is listed as being in the Combat sphere in both versions of the 2nd edition player's handbook and the Tome of Magic 2nd edition. Only the Player's Option: Spells & Magic sourcebook lists it in the Animal sphere, which seems the more appropriate sphere.


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