Insectoid gargantua were gigantic creatures native to Kara-Tur. They were the largest flying creature found on Toril.[1]


Insectoid gargantua looked like a gigantic moth. Like most moths, their body was covered in a layer of fine hairs, usually grey or black in color. Their wings were immense and had colorful patterns of blue, green, red and yellow.[1]


Insectoid gargantua used their wings to generate fierce winds, which knocked over and blew around even large creatures. Their wings were so strong the wind storm they generated affected an area 60 ft (18 m) wide and 240 ft (73 m) long. Larval insectoid gargantua were able to launch strands of sticky silk at a target up to 60 ft (18 m) away.[1]


Insectoid gargantua were solitary creatures.[1]


Most insectoid gargantua were found in remote warm valleys across Kara-Tur. One particular island, the Isle of Gargantuas near Wa, was home to all varieties of gargantua. They made their lairs in large caves.[1]


Insectoid gargantua had an long lifespan, living several hundred years. Once they reached maturity, they searched for a mate once a decade. Female insectoid gargantua then laid a gigantic egg. There was only about a 20% chance the egg would be fertile and hatch a larva. The larva grew incredibly fast. After several weeks, they spun themselves a huge cocoon and entered a pupal stage. They remained in the cocoon for up to two months, emerging as a fully mature insectoid gargantua. Mature insectoid gargantua were not able to create silk.[1]

Their diet was varied. They hunted animals for meat and foraged for fruits and vegetables. Their favorite meal was mulberry trees.[1]


The silk created by the larva was used throughout Kara-Tur in the making of magical robes.[1]



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