Insight Park was a public park in Baldur's Gate, that was magically created during the mid–15th century DR.[1]


In addition to the green lawns and natural thickets, Insight Park featured a single unidentifiable tree, known as the Drawing Tree.[1] When properly treated, and carefully removed by its caregiver, the tree's bark showed scenes of the future, depicted in sap that resembled blood.[2]


In the Year of the Impatient Son, 1452 DR, the shield dwarf druid Torimesh returned to Baldur's Gate after a many-decade career as an adventurer. He then bought a small plot of land that was being used as a junkyard. Torimesh used his druidic magic to create a lush, mini-forest to grow over the land, so that the poorer Baldurians could appreciate the beauty of nature.[1]



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