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Intellect devourers resembled walking brains on a set of bestial legs. They were servants of the mind flayers and took over their victims' minds on their behalf.[1]

Don't cry. We have no intention of eating your brain. In fact; your brain is going on a wonderful journey!
— Qorik El-Slurrk the mind flayer[1]


They were capable of consuming a creature's mind and memories, subsequently entering the body and using it as a new host. Normally, it then used the host's body to lure others into its illithid creators' hunting grounds. Once in control of its host, an intellect devourer could only be removed by a protection from evil and good spell. However, this process killed the host unless the original brain was restored within a few seconds. Alternatively, a wish spell could restore the host's brain while the creature still inhabited the host, forcing it out.[1]


Illithids bred intellect devourers by subjecting the brain of a creature (usually a thrall) to a ritual in which the brain started sprouting legs.[1] During this process, the newly created aberration passed through a larval form called ustilagor before reaching its final adult form.[7]


In the Abyss, they could be found in Shedaklah, the Slime Pits, 222nd layer of the Abyss.[8]


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