Into the Dark is an adventure module set in the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset. It is part of the Waterdeep series of adventures published for the D&D Adventurers League. It focuses on Undermountain, and is an adventure designed for 5th- to 10th-level characters. It is part one of the Vampire Hunt Trilogy.

When one of the Lords of Waterdeep asks you to root out a threat to the city, you respond to the call. Prepare for a foray into Undermountain.[1]

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  • D&D Adventurers League Guildmaster: Chris Lindsay
  • D&D Adventurers League Wizards Team: Chris Lindsay, Adam Lee, Mike Mearls, Matt Sernett
  • D&D Adventurers League Administrator(s): Claire Hoffman, Lysa Chen, Bill Benham, Travis Woodall, Greg Marks, Alan Patrick
  • Cartographer: Kayla Cline
  • Art Director and Graphic Designer: Rich Lescouflair
  • Interior Art: Bruno Balixa, Joerg Michael Gehrke, Wizards of the Coast
  • Playtesters: Christopher Abair, Robert Allison, Paul Aparicio, Wayne Chang, Daniel Chapman, Sebastian Foxley, Travis Fuller, Derek Gray, Austin Haffke, Gregory Harris, Randall Harris, Brian Jackson, Jonathan Ma, Matthew Maranda, Genesis Martinez, Chris McGovern, Dagny Mol, Daniel Oliveira, Russ Paulson, Sam Robertson, Dave Rosser, James Schweiss, Jia Jian Tin, Marcello Velazquez, David Williamson

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