Invisibility sphere, also known more literally as invisibility, 10' radius was an illusion spell that conferred invisibility to all creatures within a 10' (3 m) radius.[2][3][7]


This spell made all beings, gear, and light sources, within a 10' radius of the recipient, invisible. However, any emitted light within the sphere would still be seen by those outside of it. This effect moved with the caster, and those within the vicinity of the magical sphere couldn't even see each other.[2][4][3]

Creatures moving into the sphere after the spell was cast would not become invisible. However, those leaving the sphere would be visible once more. If a creature within the sphere made an action, such as spellcasting, they themselves would cease to be invisible. However, if the recipient of the spell made an action, the whole sphere would collapse, making all within the original radius visible.[2][4][3]


As well as somatic and verbal components, the materials needed were an eyelash enclosed in arabic gum.[2][4][3]


In 2388 NY (−1471 DR) the spell was invented by Netherese arcanist Pockall, like several related spells before it. It was originally known as Pockall's wide invisibility.[1]


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