Invisible stalkers were solitary creatures native to the Elemental Plane of Air.[2]


They were sometimes summoned by mages to perform tasks.[2]


Stalkers had the innate ability to remain invisible even in combat. Stalkers attacked by using gusts of wind to pummel their opponent. Killing an invisible stalker anywhere other than its home plane dismissed the stalker back to its home.[2]


Invisible stalkers were elemental beings from the Plane of Air. They were composed entirely of solidified air, but unlike a normal air elemental, they were not tempestuous beings. Their calm demeanor made them invisible to normal sight. This invisibility made the stalker a perfect creature for summoners that wished to perform clandestine missions.[citation needed]

The fact that they were so frequently summoned to the natural world made invisible stalkers hostile towards creatures on the Material Plane. Many invisible stalkers would obey their masters to the letter of their commands, and seek any way they could to subvert their magical shackles.[citation needed]



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