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Invoke duplicity was a channel divinity power granted to clerics of the Trickery domain.[2]


Clerics with the Trickery domain could create perfect illusory doubles of themselves within 30 feet (9.14 meters) and could move it within 120 feet (36.58 meter) of themselves. The illusions lasted for 1 minute or until concentration, which was necessary to maintain it, was broken, whichever came first.[2]

This illusion had a number of benefits. It could be used as a conduit for spells cast by the cleric and, when nearby to the cleric, the image of two identical images was disconcerting enough that hitting an enemy with a physical attack was made easier.[2]

The most accomplished of clerics could create up to four illusions and move them simultaneously.[2]


Only the cleric's skill was needed to evoke this power.[2]


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